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An action adventure all about exploration

Esrb Pegi 7
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Future Unfolding is an action adventure that is all about exploration. Your goal is to unfold the mysteries and solve the puzzles hidden in the beautiful landscapes around you. There are no tutorials, and no one is telling you what to do.

“Future Unfolding has a similar woozy, heady quality to Hotline Miami – if, perhaps, Dennaton's troubled antihero had swapped guns for a moderate amount of peyote and headed off into the countryside to find himself.”–Edge
“An extraordinary experience that I'll never forget and one that elevates itself above others with such flawlessness that I had to sit back as the closing sequence played and try to gather myself.”–David Turner, Spong
“Future Unfolding’s world is a lush and rich with color, begging to be delved into.”–Andrew Webster, The Verge
“Discovery is literally the only way you'll be able to play the game.”–Jess Joho, Kill Screen
“Utterly gorgeous.”–Adam Smith, Rock Paper Shotgun
“There are some games where a few screenshots or a quick clip of gameplay footage are enough to get your attention. Future Unfolding is one of them.”–Kyle VanHemert, Wired
“The kind of game that's beautiful to look at even if you're completely unaware of what's going on, it's got an almost hypnotic quality.”–Bengt Lemne, Gamereactor
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